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How to use and protect ebikes

In order to have a better riding experience, please pay attention to the following tips.

Electric bikes should avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Sun exposure will accelerate the aging of paints, plastics, rubber and electronic components and reduce their life and reliability.

Use the specified model charger when charging.

The charger can not be used indiscriminately, otherwise there will be voltage instability, resulting in battery damage.

Don't run out of electricity completely.

When you ride the e-bike every time, don’t run out of the battery. If you run out of it every time, it will greatly reduce the life of the battery.

Avoid riding on a rainy day.

Once the electric bike has water into it, it is easy to cause water damage to motors, batteries, meters, controllers and other electronic parts.

Using environment affects lithium battery life.

Battery life is also affected by the environment. The use temperature of e-bike is in the range of -10 centigrade to 50 centigrade. Too high temperature will affect its service life. Some riders choose to store their bikes in winter. In fact, the battery does discharge even when you leave it alone. In order to avoid battery discharge and protect battery longevity, you need to charge your electric skateboard from time to time and keep the battery level in the range of 40%-60%.

Lithium battery must be fully charged for the first time.

For the safety, the new bike’s battery is in a semi-electric state when it leaves the factory. Keep charged and discharged three times makes the best performance in new bikes battery.