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SAMEBIKE CITY2.0:Upgraded Weapons For Your Commuting

Dec 01,2022 | SAMEBIKE

Electric bikes are gaining popularity as a means of transportation for eco-conscious people and those who want to stay fit. So, what makes this ebike stand out from the rest? The SAMEBIKE CITY2.0 has a large load capacity, a tough frame, and is easy to assemble. Find out more about this bike in this article!

The Best Functions of SAMEBIKE CITY2.0

It boasts a crystal-clear LED display that you can use to turn the ebike on or off and monitor your battery life, pedal assist level, and battery life as well as your speed. This may be seen readily because it is mounted on your e-handlebars.

It has a SHIMANO 7-speed gear change system, which gives you additional options while riding in a range of circumstances. The pedal-assist system is available, and you can choose any pace that works for your trip.

It offers a battery with a 40% longer riding range; a 36v 10.4Ah reliable and powerful output; and a 18650 high-performance automobile battery cell. A longer journey of up to 40 to 80 kilometers can always be enjoyed on a single charge. global CPIC insurance, with overcharge and power-off protection.

It boasts a 250W high-speed engine and can climb hills with a maximum gradient of 25°, making it virtually obstruction-free on city streets.

It has an adjustable front fork suspension that can be switched between on and off to boost speed on flat roads and reduce interruption on rough roads.

Why Choose SAMEBIKE For Your Next E-Bike?

SAMEBIKE is the one of best electric city bike manufacturers that produces high-quality products backed by excellent customer service. Samebike's mission is to help people live healthier, more sustainable lives by providing them with the best electric city bikes to make their commute easier and more enjoyable.

The company offers a wide variety of electric bikes, including electric mountain bikes, electric city bikes, foldable electric bikes, fat tire electric bikes, and so on. You can choose from a range of styles at SAMEBIKE to get the perfect electric bike for your commuting.

Whether you're looking for an electric city bike that's perfect for commuting or one that's designed SPECIFICALLY for riding around town, SAMEBIKE has got you covered. Their high-quality products and excellent customer service make them one of the best e-bike manufacturers.


If you're looking for an electric bike that's both comfortable and efficient, then SAMEBIKE CITY2.0 is worth checking out. This sleek and powerful ebike can take on any terrain with ease, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the freedom and convenience of cycling without having to worry about annoying congestion or treacherous roads.