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SAMEBIKE Manual: FAQs about SAMEBIKE Folding Electric Bikes

Jan 03,2023 | SAMEBIKE

Since its inception, SAMEBIKE has been committed to creating premium e-bikes and accessories for its customers at an accessible price. Now a global brand, SAMEBIKE has consumers from more than 35 countries. Some of them have a few questions related to SAMEBIKE e-bikes. Here the SAMEBIKE manual compiles the most frequently asked questions and gives answers for reference.

 SAMEBIKE folding electric bike


  1. How to assemble the SAMEBIKE folding electric bikes?

SAMEBIKE folding electric bike is 100% assembled and packed, and the customer can unfold it after receiving it and adjust the screws to check the tightness for normal use.

Non-folding bikes are 85% SKD packaged (handlebars, front wheel, pedals, saddle), and these accessories need to be assembled by the customer and then adjusted to check the tightness of the screws before use. The kit comes with the product, and the instructions are illustrated in the SAMEBIKE manual.


  1. Can I ride the e-bikes on rainy days?

SAMEBIKE manual would like to clarify that e-bikes are not waterproof. However, this does not mean that customers cannot get their e-bikes wet. What it does mean is that people cannot ride the e-bike underwater. Essentially, the question equals "how wet can an e-bike get." An e-bike should have an appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) rating, specifying the water limit people can expect to enter. As an example, many e-bikes have an IP-65 rating. This means they are dustproof and protected against low-pressure water from any direction. For more information, please refer to the table attached to the SAMEBIKE manual.

For the IP ratings of SAMEBIKE electric bikes, customers can check the product details page on the SAMEBIKE website or ask the customer service department for information.


  1. How good is its shock-absorbing ability?

SAMEBIKE's e-bikes are designed to be as shockproof as possible within acceptable limits. And not all bikes have the same anti-shock capability.

The SAMEBIKE manual presents three types of e-bike suspension systems: front, rear, and full. The differences between these systems are straightforward. Specifically, the front suspension system has a suspension fork, and the rear suspension system has a rear shock. Meanwhile, a full suspension system has a fork and a rear shock.

With the front suspension system, bikers get a rigid rear, and with the rear suspension, bikers get a rigid front. The full suspension system is, therefore, more reliable because neither the front nor the rear is rigid. This makes the e-bike highly flexible, comfortable, and fast.


  1. Do I need a license to ride electric bikes on the street?

In most countries, electric bikes are treated similarly to ordinary bicycles and do not require a separate license. Nevertheless, in other countries, the regulations for e-bikes are different. The SAMEBIKE manual recommends that all the e-bikers check the licensing requirements of the specific country.


  1. Can the battery be recycled?

SAMEBIKE's e-bikes are powered by lithium batteries, which are valuable and can be recycled.


Same World, SAMEBIKE


SAMEBIKE offers its customers the most powerful and comfortable e-bike available! Here take the SAMEBIKE electric bike 750W XWXL09 as an example.

The 4" fat tires and full suspension will absorb all the bumps in your path, ensuring the bikers will be comfortable on the pavement or the trail. With the powerful 750W motor and 48V 10AH battery, the bikers will ride faster and go further while having more fun than ever.

For a wider selection of e-bikes, please pay a visit to the SAMEBIKE website.






IR ratings and Riding Conditions

IP Rating

Riding Conditions


Possibly some water resistance, but not guaranteed; not advisable for wet conditions


Wet ground, mist/fog; light, infrequent rain


Light, constant rain, puddles


Infrequent dusty, rocky roads; wet ground, mist/fog
Light, infrequent rain


Occasional off-roading; wet ground, mist/fog
Light, infrequent rain


Occasional off-roading; puddles, light, constant rain


All-terrain; puddles, light, constant rain


All-terrain; heavy, constant rain, some immersion



Saray García
Jun 11,2023
Could I change my bike seat ? This one is a little hard for me. Do you have spare parts? or Is it a normal bike seat that I can buy in normal shops? Thank you